Optometric Front and Back Office Assistant

Posted on: 4/6/2015 3:53:00 PM
Job Type: Full-time
Salary: negotiable

Front and Back Office Assistant 

This is a great opportunity to join our team of friendly, experienced, and talented staff in our busy Optometric practice.  You will be working in our Front Desk area and performing tasks such as greeting and assisting patients, answering phones and making appointments, checking insurance information and obtaining authorizations, preparing charts for the next day and calling patients to remind them of their appointments,   In addition, you will spend time in the Back Office pre-testing patients on various instruments including the autorefractor,  the visual field unit and  the Optos retinal imaging instrument, as well as checking the prescription of the patient's current glasses and taking a history with the patient before seeing the doctor.  You may be doing some billing as we progress toward fully electronic medical records, ordering and managing the contact lens inventory, as well as assisting patients with the dispensing of eyewear and/or adjustments and repairs.  There are a whole variety of tasks needed to operate a successful practice, and you will have the chance to learn, helping our office to run more smoothly while improving your overall skills.

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