September 2018


Dry-eye Management Before Surgery

How treating the ocular surface can improve your cataract and refractive surgery outcomes.

Devices for Treating The Meibomian Glands

A number of recently developed instruments can help to relieve meibomian gland congestion.

Dry Eye: Hone Your Diagnostic Skills

Profit from the experience of these corneal experts.

Dry Eye: Managing Causes and Severities

As awareness of the impact of dry eye grows, surgeons are learning to tailor their treatments. Here’s help.


Review News

Technology Update

iStent Inject & Hydrus: New Ways to Increase Outflow

Surgeons share their experience with the two latest FDA- approved MIGS devices.

Letters to the Editor

Retinal Insider

Imaging Advances for Choroidal Melanoma

How recent additions to ophthalmologists’ imaging toolbox are helping with diagnosis and management of these cancers.

Glaucoma Management

The Asymptomatic PAC Suspect: LPI or No LPI?

Most MDs don’t hesitate to perform a laser peripheral iridotomy in healthy patients with narrow angles. It may be time to reconsider.

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

September 2018 Wills Eye Resident Case Series

A 74-year-old man presents to Wills Eye Hospital for evaluation of a recurrent ocular surface lesion.