Therapeutic Topics

Right Between Your Eyes

A look at ocular/nasal interactions and how they can affect our pharmaceutical therapies.

Objective: Symptomatic Assessment Strategies

Symptom scores can be helpful when treating dry eye, but constructing good questionnaires can be a challenge.

The Hottest Topics From ARVO 2016

A look at the latest research from multiple corners of ophthalmology, from gene therapy to dry eye.

Combination Therapies: Recipes for Success

Putting two drugs together in one formulation can sometimes achieve better results than either agent can by itself.

The Form and Function of Meibomian Glands

A discussion of gland mechanisms, how they can go awry and what you can do to nurse them back to health.

Caring for the Eye’s Gatekeepers

A look at the etiology, signs and symptoms of blepharitis, as well as strategies for treatment.

Oxidative Stress Reduction for Dry Eye

Antioxidants’ effects on harmful reactive oxygen species may be helpful in the fight against dry eye.

Wintering with Ocular Allergies

A look at the attributes of perennial allergy and therapies designed to combat the chronic inflammation it engenders.