Therapeutic Topics

QoL Questions: Measuring Happiness

The importance of valid questionnaires when treating patients who suffer from ocular allergy.

The Foundation of a Good Formulation

Sometimes the other ingredients in an ophthalmic drug are almost as important as the active agent itself.

A New Day Dawns for Dry-eye Therapy

A look at the challenges involved in getting new dry-eye therapies approved and how researchers are overcoming them.

The Many Shades Of Pinkeye

A discussion of the various causes of conjunctivitis, and new therapeutic approaches on the horizon.

Cutting and Splicing For CRISPR Vision

How this particular type of gene editing works and a discussion of its potential uses in the future.

Right Between Your Eyes

A look at ocular/nasal interactions and how they can affect our pharmaceutical therapies.

Objective: Symptomatic Assessment Strategies

Symptom scores can be helpful when treating dry eye, but constructing good questionnaires can be a challenge.

The Hottest Topics From ARVO 2016

A look at the latest research from multiple corners of ophthalmology, from gene therapy to dry eye.