Technology Update

iStent Inject & Hydrus: New Ways to Increase Outflow

Surgeons share their experience with the two latest FDA- approved MIGS devices.

Online Vision Tests: Time Saver or Risk Maker?

Vision-testing apps can save low-risk patients time and money when it’s time to renew contacts or get a new pair of glasses.

AI & Ophthalmology: Two Approaches to Diagnosis

Some systems are taught what to look for in order to detect the presence of disease; other systems train themselves.

Three Femtosecond Lasers Have New Indications

Manufacturers unveiled new 510(K) clearances from the Food and Drug Administration at the 2018 ASCRS meeting. 

New High-Tech IOL Options in the Pipeline

Three revolutionary ideas may help to raise the bar for post-surgery refractive outcomes and patient satisfaction.

3-D Printing Technology In Ophthalmology

This process makes it possible to create instrument prototypes and custom implants at a reasonable price.

An Early-2018 IRIS Registry Update

With the seemingly exponential growth of the IRIS Registry, it’s a good time to check its progress.

The Latest Technology For Toric Alignment

New ways to increase accuracy continue to appear. Here’s a sampling of what’s available.

Laser Focus on New Technology

An update on products for therapy and phaco that have been recently cleared by the FDA.

Three New Surgical Tools Make Their Debut

A new drape, a set of handheld tools and a device to clean the air over the table may make surgery safer and more comfortable.