Technology Update

Low-Vision Devices: Trusted Tech, New Twists

A look at recent releases that take magnification and screen- and text-reading capabilities to new levels.

Smartphone Apps: Aiding Compliance

A multitude of programs designed to help patients remember to take the right medication at the right time are now available.

Making the Cut: Capsulotomy Devices

Achieving a strong, centered, perfectly circular capsulotomy may soon become simpler and easier.

Handheld Tablets and EMR In the Clinic

Managing electronic data during an exam can be done in a number of ways. Is a large-screen desktop the only way to go?

Imitation of Life: Phaco Simulators

Virtual reality simulators are assuming increasing importance in residency training. Here are two on the market today.

Smaller, Brighter, Faster: The MacBook Pro 2016

A rich display and a speedy processor may be able to offer workstation capabilities in a portable package.

A New Way to Manage Type 1 Diabetes

A recently approved insulin-management system promises to make glucose control far easier and more consistent.

Lights, KAMRA, Action!

A surgeon has developed a novel method for centering the AcuFocus KAMRA corneal inlay using a widely available digital camera.

New Ways to Diagnose Trouble Earlier

Novel technologies may make it possible to detect signs of disease and begin treatment earlier than ever.