Technology Update

The Latest Technology For Toric Alignment

New ways to increase accuracy continue to appear. Here’s a sampling of what’s available.

Laser Focus on New Technology

An update on products for therapy and phaco that have been recently cleared by the FDA.

Three New Surgical Tools Make Their Debut

A new drape, a set of handheld tools and a device to clean the air over the table may make surgery safer and more comfortable.

Shedding (Less) Light on Aniridia: Device Update

A report from the U.S. regulatory path, which may lead to a device approval in the near future.

Getting Drops Onto the Eye: Low-tech Solutions

There’s more than one way to help your patients put their medications where they belong.

Low-Vision Devices: Trusted Tech, New Twists

A look at recent releases that take magnification and screen- and text-reading capabilities to new levels.

Smartphone Apps: Aiding Compliance

A multitude of programs designed to help patients remember to take the right medication at the right time are now available.

Making the Cut: Capsulotomy Devices

Achieving a strong, centered, perfectly circular capsulotomy may soon become simpler and easier.

Handheld Tablets and EMR In the Clinic

Managing electronic data during an exam can be done in a number of ways. Is a large-screen desktop the only way to go?

Imitation of Life: Phaco Simulators

Virtual reality simulators are assuming increasing importance in residency training. Here are two on the market today.