Technology Update

Making the Cut: Capsulotomy Devices

Achieving a strong, centered, perfectly circular capsulotomy may soon become simpler and easier.

Handheld Tablets and EMR In the Clinic

Managing electronic data during an exam can be done in a number of ways. Is a large-screen desktop the only way to go?

Imitation of Life: Phaco Simulators

Virtual reality simulators are assuming increasing importance in residency training. Here are two on the market today.

Smaller, Brighter, Faster: The MacBook Pro 2016

A rich display and a speedy processor may be able to offer workstation capabilities in a portable package.

A New Way to Manage Type 1 Diabetes

A recently approved insulin-management system promises to make glucose control far easier and more consistent.

Lights, KAMRA, Action!

A surgeon has developed a novel method for centering the AcuFocus KAMRA corneal inlay using a widely available digital camera.

New Ways to Diagnose Trouble Earlier

Novel technologies may make it possible to detect signs of disease and begin treatment earlier than ever.

Offering Your Patients An In-office “Face Lift”

If you’re looking for an extra service to provide, some of the latest noninvasive skin-tightening treatments might fit the bill.

Creating Great Surgical Videos (for less money)

Capturing live surgery for simultaneous viewing—or later viewing—can be done in 2-D or 3-D without breaking the bank.