Plastic Pointers

Managing Dacryoceles And Dacryocystitis

Exploring the origin of these troublesome cysts, as well as strategies for diagnosis and treatment.

Lacrimal Obstruction: What Now?

An in-depth review of the relevant anatomy and treatment strategies for lacrimal obstruction.

Options for Small- Incision Brow Lifts

In some patients, a traditional brow lift may not be necessary; a less-invasive option may yield the results they need.

A Practical Approach to Canalicular Lacerations

Many periocular injuries involve the canaliculi. Here’s how to assess the damage and successfully repair it.

Stem the Tide of Excessive Tearing

Expert tips for diagnosing and managing patients who present with epiphora.

Periocular Peels And Potions

A look at the chemical agents patients can use topically in an effort to fight the effects of aging.

Chemical Peels Demystified

A look at the most popular agents for chemical peels and the best ways to employ them.

Eyelid Lesions: Diagnosis and Treatment

A look at some of the common eyelid lesions that you may encounter in practice, their risk factors and treatment options.

Putting Injectable Facial Fillers to Their Best Use

Filler indications range from lip and cheek augmentation to treatment of moderate to severe facial rhytids.

Trichiasis: Lashes Gone Astray

Trichiasis has numerous causes; the number of errant lashes, their distribution and the underlying pathology dictate treatment.