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Therapeutic Topics

Mucins: Foundation of A Good Tear Film

What we know about mucins and their role in protecting the eye from ocular surface disease.

The Colors of Ocular Health

The genetics and aesthetics of eye color, and how its components affect ocular therapy.

Thoughts on Healing the Wounded Cornea

A look at the mechanism behind neurotrophic keratitis as well as current and future methods for treating it.

A Close Look at Pseudoexfoliation

This disease is linked to vision loss, hearing loss and cataract. Learning more about it may help lead to better treatments.

ARVO Comes to the City of Magic

Highlights from the posters and papers presented at the 2014 ARVO meeting in Orlando.

Resistance Fighters: An Antibiotics Update

Antibiotic innovation has slowed, allowing drug resistance to catch up, but there is still hope for the future of anti-infectives.

Innate Immunity: A Question of Balance

A look at the processes of immunity and ocular inflammation, and new avenues for disease therapy.

A Recipe for Better Patient Compliance

How different drug formulations and dosing regimens may help ensure that patients take their medicine.

Fight Fire With Fire With Immunotherapy

Continued exposure to an antigen may overcome an allergy, but there are still hurdles to clear before this approach is common.

Wise Choices for Ocular Diagnoses

A look at the value and utility of a range of diagnostic techniques and technology for anterior segment disease.