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Therapeutic Topics

Delivering a Rocky Mountain ARVO

A rundown of the most interesting research in a variety of subspecialties presented at this year’s ARVO meeting.

The Secrets of Ocular Microbiomes

The placid ocular surface is actually teeming with life that might hold the secret to treating ophthalmic disease.

A Stepwise Approach To Acute Dry Eye

How to approach the occasional situation in which this chronic condition suddenly becomes acute.

Hopes and Hurdles for Stem Cell Therapy

The exciting world of stem cell therapy is the cutting edge of medical research. Here’s how it intersects with ophthalmology.

Sampling New Targets for Allergy Therapy

Learning more about ocular allergy has revealed a host of potential allergic mediators for researchers to attack.

Putting Your Contacts to Work

Attempts to engineer contact lenses that also elute therapeutic drugs face hurdles in both the world of lenses and of drugs.

Two Decades in Translation

For 20 years, “Therapeutic Topics” has explored ocular disease. Here’s an update on where translational medicine stands today.

3,500 Years of Artificial Tears

After three millennia of battling the discomfort and irritation of dry eye, is ophthalmology any closer to a solution?

The Other Side of the Cornea

The endothelium can begin to falter from disease, but there are methods in development to help restore it.

The Colors of Ocular Health

The genetics and aesthetics of eye color, and how its components affect ocular therapy.