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Technology Update

Improving Topography-Guided Ablation

The advantages of this approach are now being pushed even further, thanks to new ideas and insights.

New Ways to Catch Keratoconus Preop

Surgeons say using the technology you have can help yield more accurate pre-LASIK screening results.

Two New Ways to Help Manage Presbyopia

One device allows patients to easily sample multifocal and monofocal options; another may slow the onset of presbyopia.

New Thinking on IOL Calculations

Surgeons are developing new formulas, calculators and mathematical algorithms to help you select the right lens.

Breaking New Ground With OCT Technology

This technology is now being used to quantify rhodopsin, visualize retinal microvasculature and examine lacrimal glands.

Retinal Imaging On the Cheap

Portable, smartphone-based imaging solutions that allow the diagnostician to hit the road without breaking the bank.

Four New Ways to Manage Small Pupils

New pupil-expansion devices and an irrigation solution additive promise to make some tough cases easier.

An Early Look at Windows 10

A revival of the Start menu on the desktop and enhanced security are some of the features of the new operating system.

Plasma Technology in Ophthalmology

Ionized gases are showing promise in medicine as a means of sterilizing tissue, incising tissue and potentially killling tumors.

Virtual Reality: A New Frontier in Eye Care?

Simulated reality is creating new possibilities for testing vision, capturing surgery and helping those with limited vision.