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Technology Update

Plasma Technology in Ophthalmology

Ionized gases are showing promise in medicine as a means of sterilizing tissue, incising tissue and potentially killling tumors.

Virtual Reality: A New Frontier in Eye Care?

Simulated reality is creating new possibilities for testing vision, capturing surgery and helping those with limited vision.

Get the Most from Your Kamra

Here are the experts’ tips and techniques for implanting the recently approved Kamra inlay for presbyopia.

New Options for Retinal Imaging

Two recently approved wide-field devices offer new features that may add to a clinician’s diagnostic ability.

Using Corneal Analysis To Help Choose an IOL

Imaging often reserved for laser refractive surgery patients can help evaluate premium intraocular lens candidates, as well.

Genetic Testing: New Resources & Challenges

New tests are expanding the usefulness of genetic analysis and promising to simplify the diagnostic process.

Mobile Apps to Boost Productivity

New applications for documentation, organization and easy access to data let you raise your smartphone’s IQ.

Glaucoma: In Search of the Perfect Stent

New ab interno devices in the pipeline offer novel advantages while addressing some of the limitations of earlier approaches.

Honing Intrastromal AK Nomograms

Surgeons say these new incisions can help if toric lenses aren’t an option or don’t treat all of a patient’s astigmatism.

Smartphone Camera Adapters Get Simpler

Devices that help smartphones take high-quality pictures of the eye are getting more portable, less expensive and easier to use.