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Retinal Insider

PVR: An Update on Prevention & Management

We have learned much about the pathogenesis of PVR but have a lot of ground to cover to effectively treat this devastating disease.

Targeting Fas in Retinal Disease

Novel research is exploring protecting photoreceptors and the retinal pigment epithlium in multiple models of retinal disease.

Updated Guidelines for Intravitreal Injection

The protocols for IVT injection continue to evolve as the procedure becomes one of the most-performed in U.S. medicine.

Stem Cell Treatments: What’s Happening in 2015

The use of stem cells to treat retinal disease has moved beyond the theoretical and proof-of-concept stages and into clinical trials.

Anti-VEGF Therapy to Limit DR Progression

Although many questions remain, anti-VEGF therapies for diabetic retinopathy treatment will dramatically alter the delivery of care.

Outer Retinal Layers as Predictors of Vision Loss

Advances in optical coherence tomography reveal correlations between retinal anatomy and vision loss in several retinal diseases.

Telemedicine in Pediatric Retinal Disease

Retinopathy of prematurity screening has succeeded where other efforts in telemedicine have not and offers lessons for broader use.

Corticosteroids for Diabetic Macular Edema

As diabetes becomes more common, a large unmet need has arisen for long-acting corticsteroid implants to treat the disorder.

Recent Advances in Vitreoretinal Surgery

A look at the improvements in instrumentation and technologies that are reducing surgical risks and improving visual outcomes.

Ocriplasmin for VMT: A Review of Safety Data

After nearly a decade of use, what the data says about the ocular and systemic safety of these increasingly used drugs.