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Refractive Surgery

Laser Treatment for Post-PK Astigmatism

Expert tips for using both excimer and femtosecond technology to deal with troublesome post-transplant cylinder.

Topo-guided Tips for Normal Corneas

Though topography-guided is often associated with irregular astigmatism, surgeons say it can treat virgin corneas, too.

How to Avoid Issues With Mitomycin-C

Even though the agent has been used as a prophylactic haze treatment for years, surgeons say it pays to be careful with it.

Get the Eye Ready for LASIK Surgery

As the most powerful refracting element of the eye, the air/tear interface deserves a lot of preoperative attention, surgeons say.

ISRS Members Share Practice Trends

Bilateral intraocular procedures, femtosecond cataract surgery and LASIK volumes are highlights of the latest ISRS survey.

Sharpen Your LASIK Technique

Taking time to examine the patient carefully beforehand can help you respond to problems properly later on.

New Filters for LASIK Screening

New studies with innovative indices are allowing surgeons to catch more risky corneas before surgery.

What Patients Think of LASIK

The results of several well-designed, prospective LASIK studies are shedding light on the procedure’s postop pros and cons.

An Expert Review Of the SATs

A surgeon describes the SATs—surface ablation techniques—that help him get the best outcomes with PRK.

How to Approach LASIK Enhancements

Surgeons say you have to weigh the pros and cons of another LASIK vs. correcting the error on the corneal surface.