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Refractive Surgery

The Keys to Better Femto Flaps

The proper laser settings and technique will make for a smoother femtosecond LASIK case.

How to Eliminate Epithelial Ingrowth

Epithelial cells creeping under the LASIK flap are an annoying, though rare, complication. Here’s how to address them.

Solving the Mystery Of Rainbow Glare

A surgeon says you may be able to treat this infrequent but aggravating complication of LASIK.

Stabilizing the Cornea with Intacs

Intracorneal ring segments can be great for stabilizing keratoconus, but be ready for the insertion challenges.

Refractive Surgery Trends of the ISRS

The final ISRS survey ends on a sour note for LASIK volumes but a high note for surgeons’ confidence in the procedure.

How to Stay Out Of the Courtroom

Complications will happen, but how you respond to them can make the difference between a happy patient and a lawsuit.

Hone Your Surface Ablation Technique

Expert tips on how to get the best outcomes possible when a patient is a good candidate for surface ablation.

Tackling Toric Lenses After PK Surgery

In properly selected transplant patients with astigmatism that’s not too irregular, toric lenses can yield good results.

Biometry Is the Key to Phakic IOL Success

The more accurate you are at the beginning of the process, surgeons say, the more accurate your result will be at the end.

Laser Treatment for Post-PK Astigmatism

Expert tips for using both excimer and femtosecond technology to deal with troublesome post-transplant cylinder.