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Refractive Surgery

New Filters for LASIK Screening

New studies with innovative indices are allowing surgeons to catch more risky corneas before surgery.

What Patients Think of LASIK

The results of several well-designed, prospective LASIK studies are shedding light on the procedure’s postop pros and cons.

An Expert Review Of the SATs

A surgeon describes the SATs—surface ablation techniques—that help him get the best outcomes with PRK.

How to Approach LASIK Enhancements

Surgeons say you have to weigh the pros and cons of another LASIK vs. correcting the error on the corneal surface.

An Update on Scleral Expansion

A user of the technology says updates in instrumentation and imaging have made a difference in the controversial procedure.

The Keys to Multifocal IOL Centration

How surgeons are meeting the challenge of obtaining the sharpest vision for their multifocal lens patients.

The Latest Results With the LAL

An update on the Light-Adjustable Lens and a look at a potential application for it in broadening focal depth.

Root Out Multifocal Lens Problems

Just because a patient is unhappy with her multifocal lens doesn’t necessarily mean she needs a surgical solution.

How to Stay on Track with Intacs

You can get a good visual and anatomic result, and avoid complications, by following these steps.

Optimizing Outcomes with Monovision

Making patients understand monovision and what to expect from it is half the battle, surgeons say.