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Glaucoma Management

Is Your Anti-hypertensive Treatment Working?

It’s tempting to decide whether or not our treatment is working at the first post-treatment visit—but that could be a mistake.

Optimizing Glaucoma Progression Analysis

Statistical analysis of progression can be misleading unless the doctor compensates for changes in the patient’s condition.

Mitomycin-C: The Injection Alternative

Applying the anti-scarring agent in this manner appears to be safe and may have advantages over using sponges.

10 Ways to Optimize Treatment with SLT

This increasingly utilized procedure allows for a significant reduction in IOP without impacting the patient’s quality of life.

The Fluid Wave: Evaluating Canal Surgery

Creating an episcleral venous fluid wave during canal surgery can help surgeons predict the likelihood of success.

Meeting the Needs of the Emerging ‘Super Senior’

Elderly patients are an ever-increasing part of our patient populations, bringing special challenges and considerations.

Goniosynechialysis: Beyond Angle Opening

If peripheral anterior synechiae are present, simply opening a narrow angle may not restore trabecular outflow. GSL can help.

When Glaucoma Patients Have Cataract Surgery

These individuals should not be treated as standard cataract patients; extra attention is required.

Branded vs. Generic: Proceed With Caution

Despite the best intentions of the FDA, generic versions of drugs are not always identical to their branded counterparts.

Glaucoma in the Clinic: What Not to Miss

With more patients and less time, clinicians need a high-priority checklist to make sure nothing important is overlooked.